About Us

Who are we?

We are one of the earliest professional service provider firms to deploy and benefit from the many strengths of Code42’s CrashPlan end-point protection platform. Since 2009, we have primarily engaged in partnerships with IT consultant organizations and corporate accounts, providing a Canadian-based data protection solution via cloud and onsite deployments. 

As a large service provider needing to generate in-depth usage and billing reports, we worked to make our exceptional Code42 administrator experience even better, by building Radar42. The foundation and raw materials were there, so we took it upon ourselves to build as much additional functionality into our environment as was possible, working our way into the corner-cases and perhaps obscure feature areas that didn’t necessarily warrant implementation in Code42’s core product. What began as our simple need for multi-rate, per-organization billing reports based on regularly collected usage data has since evolved into a platform which can automatically engage and educate (through content rich, customizable email campaigns) the user community, provide enhanced administrator awareness, facilitate access to longer-view (months and years) usage data and trends within your Code42 environment and so much more.

From our own need for increased situational awareness came advanced threat detection. Being longtime users helped us translate historical trend data into potential threats to a future restore, going well beyond last connected or last completed date. The devices that need to be addressed are identified and categorized by threat right on your dashboard. At a glance, you’ll be able to see devices that have patterns of low completion, significant data shifts or reduced datasets. 

How do we do it?

The data is collected by performing automated hourly scans (low-resource load) of any Code42 CrashPlan environment. Once the raw scan data is received, some technical magic is applied and voila! Automated billing, advanced metrics, emailed notification of new user/device creation and threat detection are now at your finger tips.