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Do you run a Code42 CrashPlan Server?

Do you worry about how your end users are really doing? Radar42 was borne of a desire to eradicate that sinking feeling that there is nothing worse than not being backed up except the feeling that you are being backed up when in fact you're not. Ever had that feeling? What would happen if your end users thought they were being backed up when in fact they weren't? 

Failure to Restore is NOT an Option!

What's behind your green "all is OK" light? Did you know that some of your users could be suffering from any of 8 specific unique backup failure patterns that are indicators of something going wrong even while the set and forget style of management says everything is OK? Don't be lulled into a false sense of security! Know the truth about your users' backups, and perhaps far more importantly their present ability to restore, long before both you and they find out the hard way! 

Want to know your Crashplan server's current state of "restore readiness"?

Put us to the test! We'll put our money where our mouth is! Using the API that is already built in to your CrashPlan's server for this very reason we will perform an audit and show you exactly how well your server, and all of it's users, are doing right now. Come check out our free trial offer


How Radar42 Billing Works...

Check out these videos!

Here's a quick look at billing and historical usage data!