Frequently Asked Questions

How does Radar42 relate to Code 42?

Code 42 is a company based in Minneapolis, who invented CrashPlan and redefined what simple and effective endpoint backup should look like.

Radar42 is a service platform owned and operated by Background Backup, Inc., which was built for the sole purpose of helping administrators of the Code42 product to enhance their administrative efficiencies and optimize their workflows. There is no ownership relationship of any sort between Code42 and Background Backup, Inc.

Why does Radar42 exist?

"One of the earliest concepts that was drilled into my mind while learning to drive a car was that it's not just good enough to focus on the operation of your own vehicle, you need to be aware of what is happening around you - and in some cases, perhaps what is about to happen to you.

It was from this perspective that I enjoyed many in-depth discussions with the early development team of CrashPlan, always asking questions and requesting features. With the quantity and pace of requests that I was making however, it was no surprise that it quickly became an exercise of categorizing my ideas into one of three buckets: Enlightenment (no, we don't do that and we won't, for the following reasons), Consideration (that sounds interesting, put that one up in the forum and lets get people commenting on it) or Disengagement (I could see where that would be neat, but that's not what CrashPlan is being built to do. That's too much of a corner-case, off the fringe of our target). 

With my feature requests neatly stacked into two piles (no need to track the topics of enlightenment anymore) I began to explore how I could still get the enhanced capabilities and peripheral perspective that I wanted - despite agreeing with Code42 that a number of my asks would only be appreciated by a very small percentage of the overall install base (current and future). And with that, it struck me - even if only 2-3% of all organizations using CrashPlan have similar corner-case desires, we would still add up to measure in the hundreds or thousands of obscure-feature seeking administrators.

By 2010, we had rolled out our first in-depth scripts and had begun building the platform which would later become known as Radar42. There were two main thrusts at this stage: Usage-based billing (we were a managed service provider, needing to accurately charge for data that needed to be stored at our site, in Canada), and full-spectrum situational awareness about obscure and external threats to a future restore. It had been established that these items weren't part of the core use-case scenarios which CrashPlan was being built to satisfy, so with the encouragement of one of the founders (tip of the hat to the ever helpful Matthew Dornquast), we invested and we built.

Through the years, we have always made it a point to continue our meetings with the senior engineers and managers within Code42, sharing our experiences, our observations and our wish lists. Sometimes this results in some of our Radar42 functionality being adopted and rolled into the core CrashPlan product (a humbling feeling) and other times we have our ideas confirmed as being on the fringe of the core Code42 focus - which is not a bad spot to be, as long as you know that that is where you are.

So that's it - we provide visibility on corner case information and deliverables, offering niche reports and details that not necessarily everyone wants - but we believe that we are not alone and that there are other, like-minded CrashPlan admins among us."

Sean Costello
Founder, CEO
Background Backup, Inc. / Radar42

How do I try Radar42?

Enlisting your server for participation in the no-cost trial is very straightforward, we need just two key pieces of data:
1) your Code42 server’s publicly accessible admin portal url, including your appropriate port (i.e., and,
2) CrashPlan credentials (i.e. username and password) for a new account within your environment, with appropriate roles for us to see the Organizations which you would like reporting on.

As with all CrashPlan user accounts, one can only see the parts of a CrashPlan environment which that user account has been assigned access to. We encourage you to create a new user account for Radar42 access, creating it within the location in your organizational tree which matches your goals. For Radar42 to view the server’s complete install base, please use the EDIT USER : ROLES tab to add the role “All Org Manager” to our user account.

Once the user account has been created, securely share these login details with us via our secure sign-up web form (available at, which will enrol your site in our system and begin the first hourly scan shortly thereafter. Once we see your registration in the system we’ll reach out to you to share any immediately identified performance concerns and to discuss how Radar42 can make your life easier!